Sunday, August 31

Dog Days ≠ Going to the Dogs!

Girlies, I know it’s the summertime and the air is so humid that it actually shimmers when you squint, but blitches, please—we still have our reputations as the Main Line’s young elite to uphold. And you know what that means . . .
Fashion first, friendlies!
For serious, if I see one more Bradfordian idly wandering through Rittenhouse Square in a Juicy Couture terry mini and Havaianas, there’s TOTES going to be hell to pay.
Step it up, girlfriends. You’re better than that. Terrycloth is only for the privacy of one’s own home. And even then, it's iffy.
Shame on all of you.

location: the Closet
fabric of choice: linen. How’d ya like that?
bewilderment at the fashion foibles of others: like, multifold