Monday, December 15

Spread the Lurve

Friendlies, I have just the one question for you on this fine winter afternoon:
Have you been to iheartdaily yet?
And if not, WHY NOT?
(Okay, yeah, technically that was two questions. BUT REALLY. Why the delay?)
For serious, visit the site. Sign up for the newsletter. Follow the Twitter feed. iheartdaily is a free daily email of cool stuff.
It’s that simple: Free. Daily. Cool.
Brought to you by two fabu former magazine editors/current major stylistas, Melissa Walker and Anne Ichikawa. Needless to say, girlfriends have excellent taste.
Fashion. Entertainment. Beauty. News.
i heartheartheart iheartdaily.
You will, too.

location: the Bradbrary
currently reading: um, iheartdaily. duh.
pressing question/s: see above.


GoldenGirl said...

Doesn’t Melissa Walker write that Violet book series that you’re so into?

Madison_Ave said...

Yesyesyes! Another reason why she is made of awesome.

QweenKayleen said...

Can’t wait to visit the site. Mads, you’ve got the best eye! Thanks for the link.