Tuesday, January 27

SAG Snark

Well, as some of you may have seen on Twitter, I once upon a time promised a round-up of Golden Globe fashion and, well, apparently . . . I lied.

I’m not proud of myself, people!

Sorry, kiddies—what can I say? I got swept up in sketches for my own Oscar gown, on the off- (but VERY exciting) chance that I get to go this year with Reegs. (related aside: SQUEE!!! The Oscars!)

So I hope you will understand that sometimes, a fashion brainstorm simply has to take priority.
Those of you who felt it necessary to CALL ME OUT on Twitter (coughPaigecough) can go take a leap into the Filene’s Basement bargain bins.

In the meantime, here’s a link to a great recap of the SAG award fashions.

My own thoughts (since of course my opinion is the only one that really counts) on some of the highlights:

Emily Blunt: should step away from the Reynolds Wrap.

Angelina: Really? That’s the best you can do, babe?

Evan Rachel Wood:
Liking the matchy-matchy shoes and bag.

Jane Krakowski: You have scarred me for life.

Christina Applegate: I’m going to disagree with the TWOP folks, here—I really like the flapper vibe that she’s working.

Lisa Edelstein: Hott. That’s how to wear color, people.

January Jones:
may be suffering from a severe head trauma.

Please to share your opinions, girlies!

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