Monday, December 15

Spread the Lurve

Friendlies, I have just the one question for you on this fine winter afternoon:
Have you been to iheartdaily yet?
And if not, WHY NOT?
(Okay, yeah, technically that was two questions. BUT REALLY. Why the delay?)
For serious, visit the site. Sign up for the newsletter. Follow the Twitter feed. iheartdaily is a free daily email of cool stuff.
It’s that simple: Free. Daily. Cool.
Brought to you by two fabu former magazine editors/current major stylistas, Melissa Walker and Anne Ichikawa. Needless to say, girlfriends have excellent taste.
Fashion. Entertainment. Beauty. News.
i heartheartheart iheartdaily.
You will, too.

location: the Bradbrary
currently reading: um, iheartdaily. duh.
pressing question/s: see above.

Friday, December 12

Fun and Games?

Reegs has had the brilliantissimo idea of getting the gang together tonight for some stress-reduce-age in the form of bowl-a-rama. Normally, I’d be all about the pins (and needles), but in this particular case, I’m feeling likely to strike out.

(I’m obvs stressed when I’m punning with absolutemente zero remorse.)

I dunno . . . a certain someone and I have been trying to be all normal-like and pretend that nothing happened at the Hollywood Ball, but a big group outing might be a little too close for comfort. I’d be lying if I said that there wasn't something about his goofy grin that sends me spinning. No matter how much I try to deny it.

Ugh. Let’s face it. I’ve got to get my mind out of the gutter.

location: the Bradbrary—finals are a’comin!

status: spin-ny. Alas.

soundtrack: eighties remix on the iPod. Perfect studying tunes. NOT. But I can’t say no to classic Madge.