Monday, February 23

Oscar hangovers

Thanks to all of you who followed my Oscars Twitter feed last night--I had a blast snarking along with all of my friendlies, both "real" and online!

As promised, here's a round-up of my faves of the Oscar fashion coverage:

First up, Television Without Pity does a "Best and Worst" photo gallery. 
I'm going to ASSUME, obvs, that if you're reading my post, it's because you want my opinion, so without further ado: 
MAJOR AGREE: about Tina Fey. That dress was heaven and she rawks. 
MAJOR DISAGREE: about Miley Cyrus. Her gown was meant for someone three times her age and possibly performing in a Vegas lounge act. And the belt...wherefore, the belt? 
As for the swipes about Phil-S-Hoff's knit cap--rumor has it that bad things are happening to his hair in the name of a movie role. So I'm willing to overlook it JUST THIS ONCE. 

Eonline's Fashion Police mixes things up by allowing you to vote "Glam or Sham." I have to say that as much as Angie CLEARLY looks mega-gorj, I'm finding her new grown-up aesthetic to be a big, fat yawn. 
Also, it's starting to seem like I'm the only person who didn't take ish with Frieda Pinto's dress, but it could be I'm clouded by my massive girl crush. 
My girl Beyonce is fierce as ever, but is it just me, or does she look like she can barely breathe? There's a fine line between suffering for fashion and plain old foolishness. 

The Fug girls are not without their signature strong opinions. I hear the concerns about La Klum's dress and how architectural it is, but let's face it: girlfriend could wear a potato sack and still look better than most of us on our best days. I say brava for taking a risk. 

And finally, Marie Claire online has a look at Best and Worst of Oscar fashions throughout the years, with an eye toward some serious offenders (we're looking at YOU, Bjork). Don't hate me for finding Renee Zellweger to be srsly annoying. I don't even care that she can pull it out for a good red carpet showing. 

All right, kiddos--here's hoping this tides us over until the MTV Movie Awards rear their aggressively trendtastic heads again. 

Hasta la runway,

Your Fave Fashionista


Jen said...

I gave Freida's dress an honorable mention award on my blog. I actually liked it a lot. It was fun tweeting with you last night!